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What is PSM?

Plastarch Material (PSM for short)is a resin made from corn starch designed suppliment or even replace conventional petroleum based plastic. Years of research in pursuit of bio-based and compostable alternatives to traditional plastics has lead to the development of a process that converts corn starch successfully into a material which displays plastic characteristics. In addition to a high percentage of corn starch,PSM contains several additional natural modifying agents,providing a variety of resin options including the bio-based HL-100 series and compostable HL-300 series. The HL-100 series resins can provide all the properties of a traditional resins with the benefits found by blending in renewable resources. While the HL-100 resins are not fully biodegradable or compostable, they do offer a high bio-based content. HL-300 series resins are perfect for applications where the finish product is intended to be composted. HL-300 series resins are fully compliant with EN13432 and ASTM D6400 compostability standards.

PSM resins are ideal for a wide variety of applications including food packaging (even microwavable containers),industrial packaging , medical products and disposable items. The high heat tolerance and other superior manufacturing characteristics make it a great fit for many thermoforming , injection molding , blown film , and foaming applications. For applications where commercial composting is the preferred end of life option, then HL-300 resin are ideal
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